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John Haritos


With a keen eye for new Innovation, John Haritos has over 25 years of business management experience. John has successfully operated as a Technical engineer for International companies such as Siemens, Standard PPC UK, Optima International, and grown a few startup ventures in to full-pledge companies with rising shares in the market. In 1998, John has developed a self-sufficient heating and cooling system. In 2006, John developed the world’s first Earthquake safe multilevel Residential Building System 64, and from 2007 until 2014 John has successfully created a new Building system 44 which simplifies the building method for single family homes. John provide Seite1Media with viable on innovation in marketing strategies to grow their market presence through his leadership and vision, John has propelled Seite1Media to become one of the top marketing consulting firms in central Europe.

John graduated with an engineering degree from an American intercontinental University (AIU) as a Military Service Provider of Munich Germany (MSP) in 1989. He then attended the Polytechnic University of Milan Italy (PdM) for 18 months with the concentration of Innovation and Architectural building structures and design, Afterwards, John served in the Middle East to rebuild and reconstruct Kuwait, Iran and Iraq. Thereafter from 2008 worked on various International Projects with a degree from the Center for technology and Innovation Management (CeTIM), Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE), Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) as well Technical University of Munich (TUM).

In addition to his role as a manager, John is also heavily involved in environmental friendly and energy efficiency building and building structures. As part of the Green movement, John dedicates a portion of his time every month to encouraging environmental awareness. With over a decade of experience in Environmentally friendly and energy efficiency, John has attended the International Network to impact Societal change at the Four Entrepreneurship Centers in Europe on a Billion Euro Project. In the past 15 years John has managed to create an impressive and highly valuable patent portfolio. John is fluent speaking and writing in both German and English.

John has been with Strasser Capital in Munich Germany as a Consultant in the field of Project conception of photovoltaic projects in residential and commercial roof solar systems. Amongst his other significant contributions, John has made the greatest impact on the company through his reorganization and streamlining company structures. Through reassignment of various roles, John was able cut cost with higher profits inside the marketing and organization system.